:: Ibiza Essence Massage

The Ibiza Essence Massage is a special fusion of all our massage techniques, which allows us to guide our intuition in each massage session, adapting to the needs of each person.

We try to connect you with the energy of the island of Ibiza through this very special massage to offer you an experience full of pleasant sensations and well-being.
We use essential oils that evoke the aroma of this beautiful island, such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, fennel, carob and citrus fruits typical of the Ibizan countryside. Soft and deep background music that will make you feel rocked by the Mediterranean Sea, our sun and the energy of the island of Ibiza.

*Full body massage, deep touch, very relaxing and, at the same time, repairing.

· 50′ Session · 90€
· 70′ Session · 110€

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